Aussiedoodle Characteristics: Aussiedoodles are gentle, love to play and are excellent with active children and families. They are attractive, friendly to everyone and come in a variety of colours. Aussiedoodles have good herding instincts with livestock and are also used as service and therapy dogs. The Aussiedoodle is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. As a result they tend to be healthier and longer-living than their pure-bred counterparts. Temperament: Aussiedoodles have an outgoing personality, are intelligent and very easy to train. They are amiable and remain puppy-like even into adult years. Aussiedoodles interact well with other family pets and are patient with small children.Coat Type / Appearance: Aussiedoodles coats are easy to groom and need only to be brushed occasionally and bathed when necessary. They are classed as low or non-shedding and are a good choice for people with allergies. Aussiedoodles come in a wide variety of colours, and may be straight or slightly wavy, with a soft, silky texture. Activity Requirements: Aussiedoodles should exercise daily, with a long walk or a romp in the park.
Aussiedoodle Girls! Now Sold!

Two of the Aussiedoodle girls born Sept. 12, 2013, are still looking for a good home.  This is an updated pic of one of the babies pictured below.

Aussiedoodle Girls!  Sold!

Cute and cozy!  These baby girls were born September 12, 2013.  Aussiedoodles can come in many different colors and patterns and as you can see, these are a total contrast to the earlier litter.  As they mature and their hair grows, it will be nice and curly.   Aussiedoodles are very intelligent dogs, can be easily trained, and seem to thrive in an environment where they are challenged.  They are generally very family oriented and make an excellent family pet as they prove to be very tolerant with small children, and most often get along well with other pets.  They have a playful, sweet, and social nature and they tend to be friendly with everyone, so don’t expect a ferocious watch dog with this one!


Yip, yip, yip!  We three, are 2 girls and a boy.  We were born June 21, 2013 at Countryview Kennels.  One Girl and one boy is still available in this litter.  What we want more then anything is a home that will see our unique, little doggie personalities and want to adopt us as their own.  In return, we will be loyal, devoted, lovable and perhaps a bit mischievous til we work that out of our system.  The boy and the all black girl have found homes.  But the white breasted one is still for sale! 

The Aussiedoodle is a highly intelligent and friendly dog. They are very family orientated and love spending time with their “People”. Aussiedoodles excel in agility and are often used as service or therapy dogs. They are a well rounded breed who love to play but can be just as content to lay at your feet.

Another Aussiedoodle found a Home!

These curly, black, babies were born Dec. 1, 2012.  The little girl in the middle has two brothers looking out for her.  They are f1b, second generation aussiedoodle making them a real good choice for a person dealing with allergies.  The Aussiedoodle displays a proud stance. They are muscular, lithe, and agile. Due to their mixed lineage their appearance can vary.  These black babies have three very rare and unique colored siblings, pictured below.  All Aussiedoodles are sold for now but we are expecting more in approx. 5 weeks.


Wow!  What a surprise twist to this litter, born Dec. 1, 2012 at Countryview Kennels!  These three boys are very unique and rare according to their vet.  Take a closer look.  The two on the outside that have light colored noses, also have light eyes.  The boy in the middle has a dark nose with matching dark eyes.  What a beautiful designer set!  

 Aussiedoodles!  2 Boys, 1 Girl!

Aww, what a basket of Sweethearts!  They each wear a different personality but they have one thing in common.  They are destined to win your heart.  Born Nov. 28, 2012, these 1st generation Aussiedoodles are ready to leave Countryview Kennels and join up with their forever family.  The blend of high-energy, purpose and devotion make the Aussiedoodle an ideal family pet. 

Sold!  Chocolate Aussiedoodles Girls!

Born, Nov. 28, 2012, these 2 girls came in the rare and sought after chocolate color!  We have a great selection of Aussiedoodles right now and if you are interested in a unique look, please come and see us at Countryview Kennels.  The AussieDoodle is extremely intelligent and eager to learn.  If you are looking for a quality pet, non to low shedding, great with kids and other animals that is super loving and easy to train then this is your breed.  Both of these girls have now found their forever home.                                                                                                                                                                          


Meet our
Mom's and Dad's
Aussiedoodle Moms and Dads

Meet Aussiedoodle dad #1. He has a great strong character and will bring up well-behaved pups that everyone will like.