Aussiedoodle Characteristics: Aussiedoodles are gentle, love to play and are excellent with active children and families. They are attractive, friendly to everyone and come in a variety of colours. Aussiedoodles have good herding instincts with livestock and are also used as service and therapy dogs. The Aussiedoodle is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. As a result they tend to be healthier and longer-living than their pure-bred counterparts. Temperament: Aussiedoodles have an outgoing personality, are intelligent and very easy to train. They are amiable and remain puppy-like even into adult years. Aussiedoodles interact well with other family pets and are patient with small children.Coat Type / Appearance: Aussiedoodles coats are easy to groom and need only to be brushed occasionally and bathed when necessary. They are classed as low or non-shedding and are a good choice for people with allergies. Aussiedoodles come in a wide variety of colours, and may be straight or slightly wavy, with a soft, silky texture. Activity Requirements: Aussiedoodles should exercise daily, with a long walk or a romp in the park.
New Aussiedoodles! 

What a delightfully festive litter of brand new Aussiedoodles!  This happy, healthy family was born at Countryview Kennels on October 12, 2015.  Hanging out in the middle sleigh are 2 girls.  The one on the right has already been chosen and is waiting for the right time to leave the kennel.  Riding solo on either side are boys.  The curly, black one is tentatively sold.   These dogs are quite easy to train because of their intelligence. Their endearing nature makes them an excellent pet and they generally get along well with children.

Aussiedoodles! Sold!

The Aussiedoodle is well known for it's patience. They are extremely intelligent, loyal, sweet, and playful for life. They have become very popular as assistance dogs to the handicapped and elderly.  Aussiedoodles are also amazing with children and have more than your average amount of patience and loyalty.  This black boy and blonde girl are part of a family of eight.  This litter has 4 black girls and 2 blonde girls (one sold)  and 2 black boys (one sold).  Let us know when you can come and see these dear babies.  You may just want to add one to your family this spring.  Enjoy the great outdoors with a loyal friend.  Call us at 519-698- 2784

Meet our
Mom's and Dad's
Aussiedoodle Moms and Dads

Meet Aussiedoodle dad #1. He has a great strong character and will bring up well-behaved pups that everyone will like.