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“While I thought I would send you a note to let you know that I bought a cockapoo from you four years ago last September, an offspring of Violet.  

He is my loyal, healthy, energetic companion!  I chose him from the litter because I thought he was the most docile... I was wrong! I didn't really want him at the time but my kids felt I needed him, since I was recently widowed.  I'm so glad I agreed!  I can't miagine now being without him.  He is so great with all of my grand-children and is very smart; obedient.  I've always had a dog in my life... not many,. but they've all lived long happy lives.  I'm now blessed with this happy little pooch.  I thought I would share this with you; thank you!”              -Ontario

“While visiting Countryview Kennel for their Labradoodle puppies we saw Elsa, the Aussiedoodle, sitting quietly watching the other dogs play.  My husband pointed her out and it was love at first sight!  Elsa has been a joy in our lives.  She was very quickly toilet trained and she learned her basic commands from a young age.  Elsa has grown up to be a healthy, sociable dog that loves going out for walks!”              - The Edirisinghe Family
“We found Rilla, our Cockapoo puppy, at Countryview Kennel when she was six months of age. We wanted the characteristics of the Cocker Spaniel but it was also important to us that she is non-shedding. Because she was a little older when we found her we were better able to determine this. We are very happy with our puppy.”- The Martin Family
We absolutely love the Labradoodle and Cockapoo that we adopted at Countryview Kennels. Charlotte and Jess have become our best friends as well as best friends with each other. It is very amusing to watch them play. We receive many compliments from friends on our beautiful dogs sweet disposition. They are very intelligent and the best dogs anyone could have. We recommend you everywhere. Our friends are also very happy with the cockapoo they purchased at Countryview Kennels.- The Blacks
We adopted Bella, our adorable Labradoodle in the summer of 2011. She is always playful, full of energy and adores everyone she meets. She adapted to our house and neighborhood easily. She has learned the basic training skills quickly and is still learning daily. Bella is in perfect health and grew to the size we expected. We love our new addition!- The Richman Family
We purchased Jack, a little cockapoo, from Country View Kennels and absolutely adore him! He is the sweetest little guy, full of energy and loves to cuddle up in your lap. He's very intelligent and picks up quickly. He already knows basic commands like sit, down, and leave it. He's in excellent health and a joy to have in our lives.- The Bhatthal Family
Choosing our puppy from Country View Kennels was a very positive experience. The barn where the kennels are located was sparkling clean, and set up with a great play area for getting to know the pups. Our Labradoodle, Sophie, is a gentle, sweet puppy. She is in perfect health, and is eager to learn. The Burkhart family had really taken care of her, and the transition into our home was very smooth. She gets along with other dogs, and loves to meet new people.- The Johnston Family
We adopted Max our lovable Labradoodle back in May'07 from you. Max has been lovable, playful, obedient, intelligent and loyal since we got him. He has grown to the size we had hoped, not too large and not too small. He was a cinch to housetrain and rarely have any accidents. We love our Max and recommend everyone to adopt their dogs from this breeder. We look forward to many years of love and companionship with him.- The LaPointe Family
We purchased our little cockapoo, Emmy, from Country View Kennels and were so thrilled when we brought her home! She is the sweetest little dog, loves kids and loves to play! The breeders at the kennel were very pleasant to deal with as well! Emmy is doing great and in great health! We are so lucky to have her as our new family addition! Thanks so much! - The Sop Family
Here is a pic of Murphy [a Yellow Lab from Countryview Kennel]. All five of our kids adore him. He's a welcome addition to our family. - The Sop Family