are intelligent,
easy to train,
fun-loving and gentle—the
perfect family

Characteristics:Labradoodles are social dogs, and enjoy being near other people and family pets. They have neat, short, wavy hair that curls around their eyes, leaving a cute, adoring appearance. Labradoodles are a cross-bred dog. Labradoodles may be used for therapy, assistance and seeing-eye dogs. They learn quickly and are easy to train.
Temperament: Labradoodles are similar to Labrador Retrievers in temperament. They are intelligent, obedient, playful and perfect for families with kids.
Coat Type / Appearance: Labradoodles coats are short and wavy with a silky appearance. They will need grooming once or twice a week, though shorter-haired dogs may require less frequent care.
Activity Requirements: Labradoodles require moderate exercise, like a long walk or a run out of doors.


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